About Us 

Company Profile


General Crane Service & Supply has been operating since 2001 and is proud to serve all our customers big or small. As an independent crane manufacturing and service company, we provide the solutions our customers need rather than a "one size fits all" approach. 




Standards and Safety


All of our manufacturing, inspection, and repair services are done to CSA standard B167-16. Welding processes are SMAW and MCAW. Fabrication is in accordance with CSA/CWB W47.1 Division 2 Fusion Welding of Steel.


Service personnel consists of electricians, welders, and millwrights trained to CSA B167-08. 


We have an active safety program with a Certificate of Recognition and are registered with ISNetworld, ComplyWorks and Avetta (formerly PICS).



General Crane designs, manufactures, and installs Overhead Crane systems to meet your requirements. Our engineering service will take your crane system from the conceptual stage to commissioning. We have over 20 years of experience in installing new equipment and modernizing crane systems - both structural and hoisting.




General Crane offers service and maintenance programs to meet your needs from a complete program with regular checks/replacement of wearing parts, to on-demand repairs and spare parts with inspections to meet compliance standards. 


We provide operator training on safe usage of Overhead Cranes, signalling, and rigging


Lifting Equipment 


General Crane provides a variety of lifting equipment to meet your needs: powered hoists, manual hoists, trolleys, crane controls (remotes, radio systems). and other specialized lifting devices.